Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sponsor Gathering on 5th February 2011

It was a magnificent day with the sunshine which was a day Nuwara Eliya longing for and well as a school holiday since it was a Hindu festival.
All sponsor children were informed to gather at Smyrna School hall for a seminar to make children aware of the importance of the cleanliness and why it is important to a child to have a balanced diet.

Then we talked about child abuse which is one of the major problems in the society . It made them aware of how to be protected from danger. The third topic was about the relationship between parents and the  children, it is an essential subject where now a days every parent and every child should be aware of and at last we explained about the danger of misusing the mobile phone. Here we talked about  how harmful a mobile can be and how to avoid unnecessary issues.

We gave them a snack  and later we issued school uniform materials and undergarments. 

All the sponsor children were glad to be a part of this seminar and it was over around 2.00p.m 
We would thank all the members who helped us to make this a success!!!