Friday, April 8, 2011

Smyrna Mission School - Sports Day - 25 March 2011

Opening of the sports day- Pastor Dayalan(Maskeliya) and Pastor Ahamath(Welimada) hoisting the national flag as the the national anthem is being played in the background. 

 Swedish flag flaps in the wind along with the Sri Lankan flag and parents of the Pre-School kids on the school balcony waiting to see the kids performance.
Standing at attention to the national anthem.

 Drill display by the Nuwara Eliya Mission School kids and Jayshre teacher playing a bass drum that is quite bigger than her :)  It looked a bit like an African tribal dance!
 Pre-School kids doing the lime race and Odin right in front!
 Drill display by the Welimada school kids.  Balloons were tied to their hands and they moved gracefully to the music that was played.  Every eye watching them held a tear.  It was so heart warming to see the dedication of the teachers.

 Girls of the Welimada School. This girl was the only girl who came in a wheel chair and has the most beautiful smile.
Welimada children settling in their house.

 A happy group of kids - fit for a toothpaste add, I bet!
 Highlight of the day-fancy dress parade by the Pre-Schoolers.  Here two rabbits, doctor and nurse, a policeman, a priest, a fairy and a vegetable selling lady pose for a photograph.
 The cutest gypsy girl - Renee walking the ramp!
 Our shy little bride - Yashika.

 Are we ready?  Oooooooh yesssssssssss!
 Listening carefully to instructions...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

6th April 2011 - Perumal

A new physically challenged person came to Smyrna on 6th April,2011 

We had a visitor in the morning who came to meet us and he is Perumal who lives in a tea estate far from  Nuwara Eliya. you all can see a pictures of him. 

He has heard about Smyrna and has come to see us for help. Perumal who is 43 years old, married and has three children . He started to telling us the hardship that he goes through since he is not able to do any hard work because of his status. He feeds eight people in his family through the salary of his wife. The wife works in the tea estate who pluck tea leaves. The income is not enough to run a family and this person who is in great need is requesting from all of us to support him with any help. 

Please be kind enough of to contact us if you can contribute to this family...     


Perumal and his wife..

Smyrna always meet people who in need as mention above 

From Smyrna Team..