Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Galaboda Sunday School Children Visited Smyrna on the 24th September 2011

On the 24th of  September some of our team members were busy preparing lunch for 85 children from the Galaboda Estate  The Pastor Bernard is married to Princy who is the youngest daughter to one of our former late manager Mr.Thason Paul.Galaboda Area is situated in a tea estate, surrounded with tea bushes. they don't have bus service only train goes. To buy essential things they have to come to Nawalapitiya town 45 minutes by train.As it is private estate the employers never get work regularly. Children could not attend to school , as the parents could not provide their schooling. But these children come to the Sunday School. The pastor and his wife decided to bring this children to Nuwara Eliya  as a trip.

24th of September  the day came as planned. All the children,Youth, Sunday school teachers and some of the parents, Pastor  and his wife took first train to Nawalapitiya station, all of them  got in to the bus which booked previously. Straight away they visited Cattle farm in Ambewella, and milk foods. At about 1.30 they came to  Smyrna. They were so hungry after the long journey up to the hills. all of them were so curious when they saw the swings, merry-go-round, see saw etc.. Almost most of the children were fighting to go in the swings.At about 1.45 all of  them gathered at the school for lunch. Served with rice, chicken curry, potato curry. and papadam. After the lunch plantain and sweets were served.

There after children were explained about Smyrna and took around departments,they were so surprised to know  about the supports and how the poor children could achieve their careers.

We are so happy that we could provide with rubber slippers to 50 children, 

They are so much thankful to the Supporters whom they never seen in their lives and concerning about them by providing them with delicious lunch and slippers etc...