Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Smyrna journey of 50 years of service to its community...

Smyrna journey of 50 years of service to its community...

24th of March,2012 was a memorable day for all who were part of Smyrna. It was the 50th Anniversary of Smyrna Fellowship. Smyrna Fellowship opened its arms to welcome the poor , the needy, the destitute, the widowed and the disabled .It all began with the vision of one lady who was burdened by the conditions of people who had no voice for themselves. Sis.Margit became their voice and trained up a generation to continue the work of selfless giving.

It has been a long walk towards the 50th year and Smyrna has had her share of joy, pain,tears and triumph.  Yet by God's grace and provision , Smyrna will continue its journey to uplift the lives of the less fortunate.

 Welcoming the Guests of Honour & the invited Guests

The parade

Sponsor children are ready to welcome the Guests with different cultural dresses

Our distinguish Guests  including former Mayor Mr.Chandana  Karunarathne

Our Bro.Hans & Bro.Dan who came from Sweden  to celebration the  Anniversary

Children are ready for the welcome dance

A dance by Welimada Mission School children

A dance by Nuwara Eliya Mission School children

Mr. Emmanuel Murugaiah giving a speech about himself. He is explaining how he has got his Degree.

Sis.Margit Stefansson giving her speech how Smyrna started...

First staff Mrs. Elisabeth Joseph giving a speech

Mr. Hans Rudfelt  conveyed greeting from Filadelfia Church

Enjoying the Lunch
Enjoying the Lunch

Delicious Lunch

We are so grateful to God for giving us the courage to go make this celebration a success.