Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smyrna Mission School Teachers - Get-together 18th of October 2010

18 teachers and the Sponsor work incharges from Ragala, Welimada, Kandapola, Maskeliya, Hatton and Nuwara Eliya had a meeting in Nuwara Eliya Base. Margit Stefansson has spoken to the teachers regarding their daily works in the schools and in the sponsor work.

Margit Stefansson is talking to Maskeliya school teachers

Teachers explained about their achivements. They were happy to inform that nearly  22 children were admitted to the government schools in the past two years. Altogether nearly 108 children whom are drop outs from other schools and also those who have never been to school are now studying in these schools. Mainly they are provided with school stationaries, school uniforms and daily midday meal.

Now we are planing to provide them with a separate colour uniforms as they do not have proper dress.
For Boys - Light Blue Shirt, Blue shorts,black shoes, black socks 
                  and under garmetns.
For Girls - Light blue shirt, Blue skirt, black shoes, black socks and
                 under garments.
for each set of uniform the cost will be -  Rs. 2,400/-.


  1. It is very interesting to get knowledge of your work at Smyrna Mission House. Through your blog it is possible to imagine the size of your work. I am impressed about the carefulness and help who is given to the aged, the children and their families and the Smyrna school children. Thanks for letting us participate. Friendly Yours

  2. How nice it is to follow your work at Smyrna Mission house through the blog. It`s almost a feeling of visiting you. It was interesting to see both the care of the aged, the sponsorgroups, schools and other work. It seems good with the big thing to cook rice in. It´s amazing to see all ways to give help to people with big needs. Thank you that we have got possibilities to follow.Dear greetings to all of you! God bless you and the work1