Monday, December 13, 2010

Preschool Graduation and Concert 2010

Smyrna Preschool kids had their graduation and concert on the 2nd of December at the school hall.  The event started around 10.30 am with the lighting of candles representing the traditional oil lamp.  After the welcome speeches by two teachers, the welcome dance was done by the kids from the day care centre. Kids looked really smart in their white shirts, shorts and caps. After the welcome dance was awarding of certificates for preschoolers.  It was nice to see them in their graduation robe and the hat.  The parents were so proud of their kids-they were all over the place trying to take photograph of their kid.

The concert continued with about 10 acts.  The mission school kids also participated by doing a drama (The Prodigal Son) two dances and singing a carol(O Christmas Tree).  The preschoolers did a Vedda(Native Sri Lankan) dance which was the highlight of the concert. It was quite interesting to see a Canadian kid doing the vedda dance.  He was the only white guy in a sea of brown kids :)

Parents and guests were given refreshments and coffee while the concert continued. The final act was the fancy dress parade and it was really wonderful the way the little ones were dressed up.  There was a tiny bride, a priest in white robe and a big bible, a farmer etc.  But the best was a bunch of grapes that walked clumsily around the stage :)

The teachers were appreciated for their hard work by giving them a bouquet of flowers and the concert ended around 1.30 p.m. with the singing of the national anthem.

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