Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kandapola Burned out Houses

On 1st of January we heard heartbreaking news that there was a wire short and it has caused fire in the Kandapola estate line house. The whole line house has been burn out by fire.It was sad to see all the household items have been burned out and there was nothing has been left out for them even the school books of the children.

One of the sponsor child's house was completely burned out.

On 3rd January we got together and organized 23 food parcels value of Rs.1000 from Smyrna.A team went to visit them. We distributed food parcels to them. They were so happy for that we were being so concern about them.
Sponsor Girl is receiving her food parcel

 The estate has made temporary tent for them in their school ground and food was made commonly for everyone in that place.

They are 17 girls & 11 boys all together 28 school going children. One of the girl’s in the Sunflower group Vijayakulamary also in these line houses and recently we provided her with a mattress and it also has been burned out.

There is a great need for home clothes, sheets,blankets, kitchen utensils etc.

These 28 school going children will need of uniforms and school stationeries. They will be much grateful if you could help these children with set of school uniform for each child.

Please be kind enough of to help us to make this possible by lend a hand for them at this difficult time.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Kumari, James, Accounts Team and Sponsor Team . 

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