Thursday, April 7, 2011

6th April 2011 - Perumal

A new physically challenged person came to Smyrna on 6th April,2011 

We had a visitor in the morning who came to meet us and he is Perumal who lives in a tea estate far from  Nuwara Eliya. you all can see a pictures of him. 

He has heard about Smyrna and has come to see us for help. Perumal who is 43 years old, married and has three children . He started to telling us the hardship that he goes through since he is not able to do any hard work because of his status. He feeds eight people in his family through the salary of his wife. The wife works in the tea estate who pluck tea leaves. The income is not enough to run a family and this person who is in great need is requesting from all of us to support him with any help. 

Please be kind enough of to contact us if you can contribute to this family...     


Perumal and his wife..

Smyrna always meet people who in need as mention above 

From Smyrna Team..

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