Friday, June 24, 2011

Kandapola sponsor children's gathering on 7th July 2011

Kandapola Sponsor children visit....

Kandapola Sponsor children arrived at Smyrna Nuwara Eliya as a group. They were welcomed by the sponsor team and served a cup of tea and biscuits.Individually each child was inquired by the team about their studies,problems etc. They were so happy to see the work around the Smyrna.

The manageress explain to them how Smyrna begins and what has happened through out the past years. As it is going to be the 50th year in 2012 everyone was so eager to listen  about all theses stories.Same day they received their school sweaters too.

Say Cheese!!

Enjoying the food..

having lunch

Listening to the Manager attentively

Mrs.Shanthi is showing around the office

In the Pre-School

With the sweaters

What a wonderful day



The Sponsor Team

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