Thursday, September 29, 2011

Help for the physically challenged

Every month when it comes to second Tuesday the Help for the disable team is busy arranging food packets and kitchen staff is busy cooking for the physically challenged group.There about 16 from different areas in the hills are above 10 years old except Fatima Assna who is three years old. As these children need more food and parents  find difficult to provide them nutritious food. Smyrna is providing them with Rice, Dahl,Green grams, Milk powder, Sugar,biscuits, fruits, soap,toys etc. And also when ever funds are available this group is provided with clothes, shoes and essential needs at home.

On the 16th of August some of them came with their mothers to Smyrna. Mothers are very much thankful to Smyrna for concerning their children.

Fatima Assna with her mother  and Shanthy (one of our staff member) has given her  a toy Fatima is the fourth child in the family, after her birth mother realised that she is not normal in her growth of habits. .Father is a Potter and his earning is insufficient to manage the family. Mother could not go for work because of  Fatima. As the doctors advised  the mother  came to Smyrna requesting give nutritious food for her daughter.

Siththy Assna

Vinodinie is 10 years old  and mentally and physically handicap. Mother has to be with her to help in everything.They are living in a Tea Estate, this estate is situated in a steep vally which is very far away from the main road. Mother cannot go for a job as she has to look after Vinodinie, father is  working in the Tea Estate as a labourer,  the poor income is insufficient to manage the family.

Geeth Kavinda with his mother

Geeth Kanvinda's family is living in a rural village close to Keppettipola town. He cannot speak, his fingers are joined together and cannot do any work, he can walk, as he cannot talk he use to hit his mother or father as a sign to explain his needs. He has two sisters and one brother. Father is working in paddy fields according to the availability of the work in the fields. The poor income is insufficient to survive the family.


Dushanthan is the eldest in the family and he has two sisters. both parents are working in the tea estate but Dushanthan mother could not go for work regularly because of Dushthan's situvation. Dushanthan cannot walk, talk he is physically and mentally disabled child. They are living in Haggala estate, in a separate small house close to the estate line houses.


Davie  who is 16 years old is living with her mother and brother, she is a Down's syndrome girl,living in a tea estate,house is built out of soil and in one room you will find the fire place in a corner, looks dark inside. Only loving person for her is mother.

Above are some of our physically and mentally challenged children whom comes to SMYRNA once a month.

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