Friday, May 25, 2012

Mothers Day with the Elderly Ladies - May 2012

On the 15th and on the 22nd  of May 2012 our Social  Team was busy celebrating  the "Mothers Day" . Two groups of Elderly mothers come monthly to receive food parcels.As a simple gift team has arranged bunch of safety pins,Hair clip card and a piece of  Lux soap, packed in a small bag tied up with small paper ribbon. 

All gathered in the Social hall and explained about  how  wonderful to be a faithful mother, as they had been poor mothers and gone through much hard experiences most of them were with tears since they are left behind no one to take care of them now. 

We specially prayed for them and distributed this small gift, served lunch with rice and curry. They were so happy and thankful as they remembered on this day.

Social Staff  Mrs. Daisy is ready to give away  the small gifts to the elderly women

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