Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The roofs had blow-out becuase of

22nd of June all of sudden, we got a call from  who has been working Smyrna for more than 15 years and presently working in a tea Estate as a midwife Mrs. Jayanthy Gamage.10 families have lost their houses because of the wind which took off their roofing and they have located in the hospital ward as they do not have place to live. Her only request if Smyrna could help with some foodstuff, as the estate has been going on for continually on strike for more than 28 days.So they find difficult with providing food for their children. Immediately we have arranged 10 parcels which contents with 5kg Rice, 1kg Sugar, 1kg Dahl,
1kg Flour,1 packet Soya meat, 400 gm Milk powder packet, 200 gm Tea leaves).When Social Workers
reach the place almost nothing to eat for them at that time, It was nearly 12 00 noon.the  children and elderly came very eager to receive things. the team written down their names and explained from where we are coming and prayed together and distribute the things. They were so happy and thankful.

Writing down the names

Waiting to receive some food

Explaining about their situation

expecting some help

All came out to receive food parcels

Mrs. Daisy prayed for the people

Getting their signatures

Children could not go to school

House condition after blow

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