Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Smyrna Mushroom Project

We have start up a Mushroom Project  at Smyrna.In a small way and if it shows to be profitable we can continue and develop the project. 

Our proposal is based around the potential for Smyrna Fellowship to gain financial independence through entrepreneurship. This as an obtainable goal, but it is only obtainable with an initial financial backing from who wish to support our project. We wish to do this to gain profit to bring local income for our organization to carry out our vision and mission.

Our main goal is to gain local funds for the future sustainability of the ongoing charitable projects in Smyrna Fellowship. From this project unemployed women will get job opportunity, so that they can gain dignity, and be in a position to provide a better life for themselves and their families.

Basic overview of the plan
The way we plan to achieve this goal is by investing in mushroom growing, manufacturing and sale in the shops and in the hotels around Nuwara Eliya City, by doing this women can gain employment, and most importantly independence in our financial side.

To develop as a local fundraising project to support our ongoing projects, and provide job opportunities to women. 

We have started on June 15th June 2012 we could harvest the first crop on the 7th August 2012. We are looking forward to achieve our target by the grace of God.

Substrate Preparation 

Preparing the Spawn bags 

Ready to steam

Placing the spawn bags in to the barrel to be steam for 6 hours

 Our First Crop

Chandralatha is happy to cut the mushrooms

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