Friday, March 15, 2013

Past Students Visit to Smyrna Mission School

Periyasami Vijeraj(left) and Periyannan Palaniyandi have been students at SMS in the late 80's and Vijeraj is a very successful building contractor now with 25 workers under him.  Palaniyandi is assisting him.  Vijeraj was invited by the principal to talk to the current student body about his experiences during school and after. It was very interesting and inspiring for the children as it gave them hope that they too can become successful despite having to go through a lot of hardship in their lives in the beginning.

Children had a lot of questions to ask them as well.  He promised to teach the boys to do electric work, cement block making and flower pot making.

 Talking to Ajith about his plans for the future - an immediate bond :)

Looking froward to gathering the Alumni of SMS and building a network of supporters.  Excited for the future of SMS!

by Ruth Herath

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