Monday, June 8, 2015

Smyrna Fellowship - Sri Lanka
A blind mother and a daughter Seelawathy walks in to Smyrna premises one day last week. They came to Smyrna office requesting help to continue her studies. Her father has left the family while mother was pregnant with Seelawathy. Seelawathy is 12 years old studying in grade 7.They are from Maraya Estate Lindula.The grand mother is the only bread winner for the family who works in vegetable garden now and then. We at Smyrna are very thankful Mr. R. Sathiyaseelan, Nutrition Adviser at Nestle, Colombo who had donated some money to be used for an emergency. Fortunately we were able to help this girl with this support to buy and bought School uniform, shoes, socks, hair ribbon etc. We are finding a sponsor parent for Seelawathy to continue her studies.
Our Sponsor Team visited the house which is only a room and the fire place in a corner. A bed without a mattress several sheets were kept as the mattress. No Electricity and they have to collect water from a common tap. Our Team met the school principal in Meraya Tamil Maha Vidyalaya who recommended Seelawathy who is very clever in her studies. The mother and Seelwathy are very happy and thankful for providing essential needs at this point.

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