Monday, October 4, 2010

Sponsor Groups

We have started with the Group sponsor. First two Groups are Roses and Lily.
We visited all the group children houses, and found their needs. Generally we help them with their education, and after starting this group sponsorship, now we can help them with some of the essential needs at their homes.

The mother is standing on the right hand side of this photo. The husband left the family with two daughters. One daughter is in the Lily group. The mother and the children are thankful for the cupboard. Previously just they kept clothes in a cardboard box. The lady with the black skirt is one of the sponsor child's mother who came to help with transport.

One of the Smyrna Staff is helping with transporting a mattress to the sponsor child's house.

Before transporting the mattress mother and the daughter came to the Smyrna Office.

One of the cupboard is carried down to the house in a narrow road.

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