Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kandapola burned out houses Issuing School uniforms Jan 20th

Kandapola burned out houses
Issuing School uniforms
We had to wait until the Thaipongal festival is over, because of the Hindu children; most of them begin their schooling after this festival. On the 20th at about 3.00 p.m. we arrived at the Smyrna Church in Kandapola. We could see children are playing around the Church. When van stop in front of the Church children came running towards the van and they helped us to carry the things into the Church.

 There we inquired about their present situation, still they are in the tents, and when there was a bad weather week ago all of them were in these tents. Now they have started cooking for their own families. They have got some of the clothes for their use at home, and the school where they attend had collected some exercise books which they can start lessons in the school. Until we visited them they did not had any hope of getting school uniforms.
We came to know through the Pastor  that only 21 children are schooling, six children have stopped going to school because of various reasons and now we advised the Kandapola Mission school teachers to visit the six children and bring them to Mission School. 

First we asked a tailor from Kandapola town to come and take the measurement of each child and we started issuing the uniform materials, under garments, school books and school bags. We served them with a bun and a cup of tea them we explained all these people how we collected money for  Sweden and told  them that we sent photographs of burnt houses and the tents and from Sweden there were so many kind people who helped us to support them.

 This family came late to receive their books and uniforms

We explained about the Smyrna and what Smyrna is doing for people to uplift their lives. These children were so grateful for being so concern about them when they were in a great need. We felt the warmth of their hearts toward us.

 Then we asked them to get into the van and we went to the Kandapola town to buy shoes for them according to their sizes. We brought them back to the church for them to go to their tents

From Smyrna Fellowship working Committee.


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