Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two boys left Mission School for Vocational Studies

Prasanth and Selvanayagam are both 14 year old boys who were studying at Smyrna Mission School.  They could not gain entrance to a government school so continued studies at Smyrna.

Both of them now wish to follow a course at the Technical College where they are offered different courses.  Sadly, they don't have the course they want to follow here at the Technical College and were asked to follow the Electronics course they wanted at their branch in Helbodde, which is about 1 hour drive from Nuwara Eliya towards Kandy.

We miss them greatly as they were the "big brothers" for all the kids and were very responsible and looked after the other kids in the school.  But we had to say good bye as we no longer could keep them and they need to get some vocational training.

They take the 6.30 morning bus to be there at 8.30.a.m.  They started yesterday and they came to see me a while ago. They are given a monthly allowance of 600 Rupees which will go into a bank account. However they cannot withdraw that money until they are 18 years old!
They are now burdened with finding money to travel daily.  The government bus depot issues a season ticket that enables them to travel in a bus for a lesser amount and they have to pay 800 rupees to get that ticket.  They were asking if we could help them to buy the season tickets.  The course is for six months.  I told them that I would look into the possibility.  After completing this course they will be able to earn a living by doing electronic repairs.

We have helped them so far and I would like to request you to consider helping them for the next six months too after which they will not have to depend on anybody.

Compiled by Ruth

Prasanth and Selvanayagam

Prasanth and Selvanayagam with their Mission school friends

 With their Mission school friends

With their Mission School Teacher

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