Friday, July 22, 2011

Music School

4th of July at 3.00 p.m. Our Music school  commenced with children and elderly people who are keen to learn music. One of our Directors Mr. Dhamika Sanchiarachi and our Youth pastor of  Smyrna church was with us to dedicate with prayer. All the children whom were gathered prayed  and thanked for the instruments.We are so much  thankful Sara and Maria whom visited us in April supported us to buy  three Key boards and two guitars. And also we received two used guitars from Sister Margit and Miss. Ruth Herath.

Our main target is to collect some money and  give scholarships for  those who are cannot afford pay the fees in the society. We plan to start with charging certain amount from the students and to give scholarships within one or two years to the students whom are clever and unable to pay.

Praying for the instruments

The Principle is introducing the Music Teacher  

The instruments

Moran who is interested in playing the guitar

All the boys are excited to go to the music class

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