Monday, August 29, 2011

18th and 19th August Staff Trip to the Western Province

Staff trip to Colombo Via Nittambuwa Road on 18th to 19th 2011.
Everything was arranged and we started about 8.30, with 28 staff and 11 children. Everyone was so excited and we start with singing and prayers. While going down to Labukele road served with biscuits and soft drinks. Around 9.15 we came to Ramboda had our breakfast. Each one had brought their different items of food such as rotti,toast etc. After enjoying the breakfast straightway we went to Peradeniya Botanical Park. 

All in Peradeniya Gardens

Admiring the various plants

Beautiful !!

A wonderful place for a snap!

We could see various kinds of plants and trees. The Orchid flowers are marvellous. While all of us were walking into the park it started to rain, soon after the rain crowd walked down to the hanging bridge, children were scared to walk in but they managed. At about 1.30 we came to Light House Church for Lunch, Our Chairman Mr. Krishnarajah had arranged the Lunch, water bottles and Yoghurt. It was a very tasty meal.

enjoying the lunch

Our Margaret akka 

Busy having lunch

kids enjoying the lunch

 There after we travel down to Kapungoda via Nittambuwa Road. It was long journey, we missed the place and went further in and at last we came to the place “Sanctuary Home” at about 6.45 p.m. It was a peaceful place. In front sea and behind is river bay. They served us with a cup of tea and showed us the rooms. Ladies and Girls stayed in two dooms and Gents stayed in one doom. Joshuah and Theivanei stayed in on room.  Next day crowd got up early to go to the Beach, as the sea is rough they could not stay so long. Came back and had a wash and  gathered at the dining room for the devotion and had their breakfast.

At the Beach

Having Breakfast on next day morning!!

kids making a sand castle!

At the beach

Gracey and Arundhathi   

We had tasty food at Sanctuary house

 At about 9.00 a.m. we started our second day trip to the Colombo city. First we came to the Museum; we could see so many ancient things such as different kind of maps, arts, many ornaments, Kings golden chair, crown, ring, about Vaddhas, early days coins, Big Shark bones, etc. As we late to the Planetarium show at 10.00 a.m. we decided to go to Victoria Park, children enjoyed playing and had ice cream at about 1.00 O’clock we had our lunch at the Park. After Lunch we went to the planetarium it was wonderful to see the planet world God’s creation is great. Soon after the show we went to the Zoo. First we saw the Aquarium. And then birds, all the animals, elephant dance and Snakes. There after we started our trip back to Nuwara Eliya, When we out from the Colombo city it was 8.00 p.m. We had our Dinner in a hotel and we arrive at 2.00 a.m.

At the museum 

A Necklace 

These are been used by our ancient people  

This is King Rajasinghe's  throne & the crown (The last king in  Sri Lanka)

These are the gifts King Rajasinghe has received from the people who visit him . There is clock  in this collection

All admiring the carvings done in the throne. it's amazing!!

Evon watching at the puppets in the museum 

Whale's skeleton

Kid's enjoying the trip

Yummy it's Ice Cream

Margaret ,Daisy , Gracy and Rajeshwary enjoying the Ice Cream  


Viharamaha devi Park

At the Zoo

A lazy tiger at the Zoo

The lion at the Zoo

The elephant having its lunch

Elephants marching  out of the elephant show

It was a great opportunity to go on a trip after long time. Staff had enjoyed very well and they are thankful to the Trust in Sweden and to the Directors Board and to the Management.

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